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How Your Order Is Processed

A hog carcass is cut in half and each half is processed separately. A half hog is then divided into primal cuts (such as the shoulder and the loin). The primal cuts are processed into finished cuts (such as roasts and chops).

If you are ordering a whole hog, it will first be cut into halves and each half will be processed separately. You have the option of getting the same cuts from both halves or getting different cuts from each half.

How much hog are you ordering?

Order Options

There are a couple of options that can affect many cuts in your order.

What curing method do you want used on some of your cuts (like bacon and hocks)?

New for 2020: Standard Cuts

In a rush? No problem! If you select the Standard Boneless Cuts or Standard Bone In Cuts, you'll receive the most commonly ordered options: shoulder roasts, 3/4" thick pork chops (2 per pack), spare ribs, bacon, boneless smoked and cured ham, plain ground pork, lard, smoked hocks, soup bones, jowl bacon, and the skull for head cheese. Any smoked/cured cuts will be processed using the option you selected above.

Do you want the standard cuts or do you want to customize your order?

Now, let's decide on how you want those primal cuts processed.

Primal Cut: Shoulder

The shoulder is a primal cut that consists of the front leg of a hog. The shoulder is usually processed into two main cuts: Butt Roast and Picnic Shoulder. You have some options for both of those cuts.

Butt Roast

The butt roast is the upper part of the leg. Some common names for the butt roast are: Boston shoulder, pork butt, and Boston butt. It's a flavorful, well-marbled cut that is often slow-roasted and shredded. Since this cut can be difficult to slice for servings, some customers simply choose to have the butt roast meat processed into ground pork. Another option for the butt roast is to have it sliced into steaks, which can be prepared in a variety of ways.

How do you want your butt roast cut and packaged?
How do you want the bone in your butt roast processed?

Picnic Shoulder

The picnic shoulder is the lower part of the front leg. Some common names for the picnic shoulder are: shoulder arm picnic, fresh picnic, picnic roast, or picnic ham. Like the butt roast, the picnic shoulder is flavorful and well-marbled but can be difficult to slice when prepared as a roast. Some customers simply choose to have the picnic shoulder ground.

How do you want your picnic shoulder cut and packaged?
How do you want the bone in your picnic shoulder processed?

Primal Cut: Loin

The loin primal cut is the long muscle along the back of a hog. You can decide if you want this primal cut processed into pork chops or pork roasts, but you can have only one or the other.

Chops or Roasts

Now it's time to decide between chops or roasts or simply turning the loin into ground pork. Chops are great for frying. Roasts are better for slow-cooking or oven-roasting.

Do you want the pork loin cut into chops or roasts or included in the ground pork?


Pork chops are a very popular option and can be made bone-in or boneless, thick or thin cut.

Do you want your pork chops boneless?
How thick do you want your pork chops cut?
How do you want your pork chops packaged?


You can have your roasts deboned, which makes slicing a roast easier. Or, you can leave the bones in, which can add flavor to the roast.

Do you want the bones left in or removed from your pork loin roasts?

Primal Cut: Side/Belly

Here's where you can get your bacon and spare ribs. For this primal cut, you can choose between the following:

How do you want the side/belly processed?

Spare Ribs

Spare ribs can be prepared in a variety of BBQ styles on the grill or in the oven. If you're more excited about having as much ground pork as possible, opt to have the spare ribs included in your ground pork.

Do you want spare ribs?

Primal Cut: Ham

The rear leg of a hog is used to make a ham. You can choose between a fresh ham or a ham that has been cured and smoked. The ham will be smoked and cured using the method you chose in the Options section above. You can also choose how the ham is cut and sliced.

How do you want your ham prepared?
Do you want the bone left in or removed from your ham?
How do you want your ham processed? They will all be roughly the same weight.

Ground Pork

Any meat that is not part of a cut and is trimmed from the bones will be ground with a small amount of fat. The resulting ground meat will be about 20% - 25% fat. It will be delivered as part of your order frozen in one pound packages. You can also choose to have your ground pork deliciously seasoned or made into brats.

How do you want your ground pork seasoned?
With a whole hog, you can choose two different styles of ground pork seasoning. How do you want your other half of ground pork seasoned?


All the fat trimmed from your order belongs to you and is a valuable part of the hog. You can render it into pure lard or use it for other purposes.

How do you want to receive the fat trimmed from your order?

Other Cuts

In addition to regular cuts of meat, you can get a lot of other tasty items from a hog.


The hocks have a substantial amount of meat and can be used to make delicious soups and stews.

How would you like your hocks?


You can use the bones to make delicious soups and broths. Some of the cuts of pork in your order may include bones. But if you have asked for deboned cuts, you may want to use those bones.

How would you like your bones?


If you are ordering a whole hog, you can choose to include the organs in your order. If you are ordering a half hog, you can request the organs and some or all of them may be available, depending on how the order for the other half has been entered.

How would you like the organs handled?


A hog's head includes several tasty items.

Which parts of the head would you like to include in your order?

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